"Hey Pirate Dude, get gone.  Me and Bill got this bodyguard thang covered!Something just ain't right about this group...Old photo recovered from the TitanicPeggy shows off her first tatoo; however, according to some, it was not really her first one."Snow White" smiles for the mean ol' camera guy!I think Bobby Ray has had way too much sun!!!I ran out of camera memory so I had to draw this picture of Pam with a #2 pencil.How Ted looked to me after 1 hour with that OBC thang.Esther's in town, the local economy is in full recovery!The security folks promised me the X-Ray Machine would not affect my camera.  Were they ever wrong!"OK, who took my little unbrella?""I wonder why Deano wants to take a photo of my sunglasses?"Doppleganger?Cathy initiates a young singer into the KOL...His KOL initiation complete, the young man was required to sing pirate songs all night to the gathered gang of brigands and wenches.Sure...anyone can make a coke that will flip in the air from one glass to another; but with no hands? How did he do that?Cruise Ship Pet Adoption Center - US Customs permit required!Chick Pirates!"Hey Deano, are you sure there's only milk in this thang?"You can take Bobby out of Alabama, but you can't take Alabama out of Bobby.

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